Are you wanting to learn how to setup an internet radio station?

July 2015

Dear Internet Radio Broadcaster,

My name is James Mulvany and I setup Easy Internet Radio back in 2009 to help people with the process of starting up online radio stations. Its an industry that I’m passionate about and have been involved in running some huge online radio stations, I also have owned several myself. Not to mention the multiple internet radio agencies I have ran over the years, including Wavestreaming which has grown to be one of the biggest streaming services for online radio in the world and has literally had tens of thousands of customers pass through its doors in 11 years of operation.

Since I got started in online radio in 2003 things have changed so much, but fundamentally the technology has remained the same – so last year, I briefed my team of experts to start working on an incredible new platform for internet broadcasters. I decided that the technology needed to be bought upto date and also future proofed. is a easy to use service that allows anyone to get started quickly, we’ve created an incredible user interface where everything is controlled from the browser and I believe its a total industry first, I’d like to suggest you visit our new website to find out more – we’re currently offering a free trial of the service, you can literally have your radio station up and running in minutes, as i’ll show you in the brief video below.

Talk Soon,

James Mulvany